4G Project


You're almost finished with school, focusing on how to start a career. Want to find a meaningful way to build on your experiences? AIA has a wide range of great basketball experiences for the next step!
  • GROW as an athlete through personal discipleship and community
  • GO on a series of projects that combine your love of Christ and basketball with the skills you possess
  • Become GLOBAL minded as you experience new cultures and learn God's love for the nations
  • GIVE the gift of God's Word and love to those you serve with each project


The 4G Project will allow you to serve NOW and open you up to a variety of missions-focused career paths!

International Tour Options: Puerto Rico, Columbia, or New Zealand

Support the following AIA Camps, Retreats, and Tours:

  • Inner City Ultimate Training Camp
  • International Coaches Academy and HBCU Coaches Retreat
  • Youth Basketball Camps and Local Outreaches
  • Domestic Collegiate Fall Tour


Ready to Join the 4G Project?

When: June 1- November 20, 2016

Support Goal: $1200/month

Contact: Kelly Combs - 937.352.1242 

To learn more and read some FAQ's about travelling with AIA, visit our FAQ Page

AIA Institute

What is the AIA Institute?

The AIA Institute is a one year internship located at the AIA National Office for Sports TEAMs interns that runs from September through August.

Our Mission is: “To be a premier sports ministry institute that will develop and equip lifelong laborers and leaders.”
Our Vision is to: “See generations of Christ-centered pioneering leaders everywhere!”
Our Values are:

      •  Personal and professional “Growth”
      •  Working and relaxing together in Christ centered “Community”
      •  Doing all we do with “Excellence”

Experience “Growth” personally and professionally similar to this:
“My favorite part of the academy is when we can exchange thoughts with people from different parts of the world, with different cultures and different languages. The academy is very interesting in the opportunity that it gives me for personal and professional growth." – Victor, International Coaches Academy hosted at our National Office.

Develop “Community” as you work and play:
“I have been here for less than two months, but it’s hard for me to imagine leaving here and all of the important people that have taken such a special place in my heart…The tiny town of Xenia, Ohio has become another home to me thanks to all the people that God has placed in my life.” – Marykate, X-Project Intern at our National Office.

Attempt “Excellence” as you are developed and equipped:
“God has challenged me to pursue excellence in so many areas of my life this summer…This has encouraged me as I prepare to move back home and I look forward to see how God applies and continues to challenge me with these lessons in the future.” – Ben, X-Project Intern at our National Office.

International Opportunity

Your internship experience includes a Sports Team Competing Tour and/or Steps of Jesus Israel Tour.

Application Information

Are you the kind of person who is serious about your spiritual, personal, and professional growth? Do you want to refine or develop skills that will equip you to be a lifelong laborer and leader for Christ? Then now is the time to take the next step in your life’s journey.

Please return to the Intern Applicants page for information and instructions about how to apply.
NOTE: Application process can take 4-5 weeks to complete and must be completed by March 1st so start early! Once you start the online application on page one select the following in the initial 3 drop down menus: 1. US Intern, 2. Athletes in Action, 3. National Office.

Additional Information

We provide fund development training at our Kingdom Called Intern Training weekend in April.

Please contact Ed Gersch or call 937-352-1072 for more information. 

Learn more about starting a career with Athletes in Action!

For more information about a career at AIA, check out our careers page!