STINT Applicants

STINTs (Short Term INTernational Assignment) typically last 9-12 months with the option of ‘re-STINTing’ for up to one additional year.

For additional information on STINTs, email the Stint Department.


Because AIA is a faith-based organization, potential staff members must meet unique qualifications. Learn more here

Completed Application Deadlines

The deadlines below indicate when we must have a completed application which includes a detailed online application and all reference forms completed.  This could take numerous weeks to accomplish so you’ll want to be sure to start the process well before the deadline.

March 1 for the April training (Kingdom Called weekend) hosted by AIA in Xenia, OH (three days). This training is recommended for all STINTers and allows for an August/September departure (Latin America, Europe, East Asia).

June 1 for the late August or early September training hosted by Cru in Orlando, FL (three days). This only allows for a January departure (South Africa and other STINT locations that have been approved). 

The STINT application deadline is a minimum of six months prior to anticipated departure.

Debt Limits

Debt load may impact your STINT with AIA in the following ways that you need to consider before applying:

1. STINT  salary ranges are modest so if you have a large debt load including school loans, car payment, credit card debt etc. you may not be able to live successfully on a STINT  salary. A STINT salary allows you to use a portion of your income to pay off loans.

2. You may consider deferment on student loans until after your STINT or pay interest only so that the debt is not higher at the end of your STINT. It is your responsibility to contact your loan administrator for any requests you may have regarding these options.

3. Your parents may consider helping with debt payment during the STINT year.

4. If your debt load is such that it would prevent you from coming on staff (typically over $30,000+ for singles) you will only be allowed to STINT for one year. A 2nd year STINT is an exception.  If you plan to come on staff, your debt limit must be below the Cru maximum allowed.

5. If you are unsure about your debt please contact us at the beginning of the application process so we can give you accurate information. You must have your loan balances and interest rates for a calculation. Contact Pat Lower.


Read all the information on this page then go to the Application Details tab at the top for information on how to apply.

Full International Acceptance

After we receive the necessary approval from Cru internationally, we will be in touch with our decision (via phone or e-mail and letter) regarding your full acceptance for an international assignment. It may take several weeks after your initial acceptance for you to receive placement confirmation. Our desire is to complete the whole process as quickly as possible.


Your placement will be determined in conjunction with AIA and Cru’s international leadershipYour specific placement may or may not be confirmed at the time of your full international acceptance.

We are currently looking to fill STINT teams in Puerto Rico, East Asia and South Africa. 

Ministry Partner Development (MPD)

Everyone serving a STINT is required to raise the necessary funds to serve internationally. Your support goals will be based on your specific placement.  We’ll provide MPD materials and training to help you in this process.


You will be approved to leave for your assignment when these requirements are met:

  • You have been accepted for an international assignment.
  • Your monthly and special needs financial support goals are met.
  • You have been given a confirmed international placement and approval.
  • You have a valid passport for each family member who is traveling with you.
  • You have received all required visas, immunizations and other documents.
  • You have returned any additional requested information to your international human resources representative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the questions we’re asked most often. Keep in mind that because of varying placement locations, no single answer speaks to all situations.

I’m married. Does my spouse also need to fill out an application?
Yes. Because we consider a husband and wife to be a team, couples must be in agreement as to their leading to Athletes in Action. Both must apply and be accepted for STINT. 

How long will the application process take?
Expect the application process to take about six weeks from the time we receive your completed application until you receive your final decision.

How do I know if God wants me to go on STINT?
This is the hardest question to answer. We believe God speaks in many ways:  through the Bible (in verses like Genesis 12:1-6, Revelation 7:9 and Acts 1:8), through our friends and family, through desires to know other cultures and languages, through convictions to invest our lives in eternal things and through desires to answer the call for spiritual laborers (Matthew 9:36-38). You may have been on a summer mission project in the country where you desire to STINT and developed a heart for that nation. 

STINTERs have seen God use this experience to expand His Kingdom, challenge and develop them and to allow them to learn ministry skills that are relevant even after their STINT ends. 

How will my parents respond when I tell them I want to go on STINT?
Their reaction may range from excitement, worry, nervousness, surprise or even opposition. Maybe they were expecting you to go straight into grad school or find a job. Especially at first, there may be some tension and/or anxiety. That’s okay, but it’s important to continue communicating with them and to be understanding about their concerns. Realize that God can work in this situation. Even Christian parents often need time to adjust to the idea of their son or daughter moving to a foreign country for a year. But, we’re always surprised and encouraged by how many parents (even non-Christians) end up becoming enthusiastic and supportive of their child’s decision to go on STINT.

What will be my ministry focus during STINT?
Your target audience will be athletes and others influenced by sport. The mission of AIA is to see a Christ-follower on every team, in every sport, in every nation.

What will I do on a daily basis?
Your time will be divided between sharing your faith, developing relationships with national athletes and meeting with them one-on-one for spiritual training, special outreach events, large group meetings, team Bible studies and meetings, language classes and administrative work (like writing your newsletters, preparing materials and making phone calls).

How do I know what to do?

The one-week STINT briefing (held in Chicago in mid-August just prior to departure) is incredibly helpful. The AIA staff members in country will train you, and you’ll receive training visits and/or phone calls from AIA staff members in the U.S.

Where will I live on STINT?
You’ll live in an apartment on or near the campus of sports universities and room with your teammates.  You can rent furnished or unfurnished apartments. 

How do you pay for STINT?
You’ll be responsible for developing a team of ministry partners — people who pray for you and contribute financially to cover the cost of your living expenses. To develop this team you’ll contact friends, family and churches through letters, phone calls and personal appointments. You’ll have the privilege of telling them about your needs and the chance to join your team through giving and prayer. Many people consider it a blessing to be able to give, and they contribute on a monthly basis or with a one-time gift. It generally takes anywhere from two to four months to raise $2,000-3,000 in monthly funding and over $5,000 for one-time expenses (amounts vary according to cost of living in each city). After being accepted for STINT, you’ll receive training to help develop your team.

Can I continue to compete in my sport or continue to work out?
In most cases there are opportunities to continue competing in your sport during your STINT. Often STINTers compete on club teams in the country where they’re serving. You’ll have opportunities to keep working out.

Can I go home for Christmas?
STINTers are expected to stay in country throughout the STINT year and do not return home until after the end of the year debrief. There are specific times during the year when your family can visit. You’ll also receive vacation time around the holidays, which allows you to travel to other places. For many STINTers, celebrating the holidays with their team and other missionaries in the city is a highlight of the year.

What about the language?
Many individuals you’ll work with speak English, but some of your ministry will take place in the native language. You’ll study the language in some capacity while on STINT (in classes and/or with a private tutor).  Typically STINTers see a lot of progress in their language ability, but it’s always challenging.

What do I do if I get sick overseas?
You’ll bring your own medicines and health books, although a western doctor is available in most ministry locations. In case of extreme circumstances, all STINTers have medical evacuation insurance that provides the means to be flown to the nearest western medical facility within hours of a request.

How will I connect with my team?
You might join a team that already exists in the country where you’re serving. Or you may be a part of a new team that forms to pioneer a new campus or help develop new ministries.