Athletes in Action Volleyball was started in 1982 by Barb Bernlohr and Bobby Herron. The first women's team was sent out that same year, traveling to Japan. Our focus has been to send our teams internationally, which has led us all over the globe to countries in Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia. We understand the hunger athletes have to learn and to go out and see the world. From this hunger, tours and projects were born to challenge and provide space for those athletes to learn, grow and go. AIA Volleyball is committed to seeking God's leading, looking to maximize the impact in the countries we travel to, and investing wholly into the participants on our tours.

Looking for a challenge?

AIA Volleyball is always looking for players and coaches who want to take the challenge of going beyond the court, while still using their skills and passion for volleyball to make a difference in the world. Sport is one of the few languages that can cross cultural and spoken language barriers. Sport gives us the opportunity to use volleyball all over the world to open doors, build bridges and change lives. It's impact goes well beyond the scoreboard.

Through our tours you will:

  • Compete Internationally
  • Learn ministry skills
  • Grow in your relationship with Christ
  • Impact the world through sport
  • Make lifelong relationships
  • Learn to combine your faith with volleyball
  • Experience real life change

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Looking for a Challenge?

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Director: Ashley Warner
Contact: ashley.warner@athletesinaction.org
Dates: Spring Break 2017 (TBD)
About: We are taking a non-competing team for 9 days where our focus will be clinics, coaching and playing alongside the players. This is a unique and exciting opportunity because it is the main sport that women play in this country. Through our time with the players we will be looking to spread the good news! Check out our AIA Volleyball 2016 Central Asia Team Blogs Page.

Director: Amber Moore
Contact: amber.moore@athletesinaction.org
Dates: May/June 2017 (TBD)
About: The team will be competing against university and national teams for two weeks in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Our training camp will be held at AIA's World Headquarters in Xenia, OH for five days. Our goal in competing on this trip is to grow together and to share the name of Jesus throughout the volleyball community in Thailand! Check out our Thailand 2016 Team Blogs Page.

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Alumni Endorsements

“God completely rocked my world through this whole experience....God wanted to grow me in ways I could have never imagined. He wanted me to take a step of faith, trusting only in Him. I am so glad that I decided to take that step of faith....I am completely in awe. God returned me to Himself through this trip......This experience is something that came at the right time for me, right after graduating. It has shaped my thoughts going forward with my life and career. I am forever grateful for this opportunity."

Ashley Lea - Thailand.

“During the first week of training camp I was looking forward to playing a lot of volleyball with talented athletes. What I didn’t realize was that I would eventually turn my focus from playing volleyball to learning how to share my faith with others. I didn’t know how to share my faith before my AIA trip, but I was taught how to organize and present my testimony. I was excited about this because it gave me the confidence to talk to anyone about my faith.
I loved the fact that we trained in our sport, but more importantly in our faith. Making athletics part of my spiritual life was a concept that really altered my faith. I learned that I could use my love of playing volleyball to show others my love for God and everything He has done for me. It was truly an amazing experience – being able to pray with someone who I’d never met before and to grow in my relationship with God.”

Jimmy Lundgren - Russia and Brazil

“The tools I've acquired with Athletes in Action still bleed into my life on a daily basis. AIA has so much to do with winning hearts for Jesus. God is so much bigger than our fears, weaknesses and less-than-ideal situations. There are lives at stake, and eternity is not a game. We need to GO and MAKE disciples with the same sense of urgency that we have in earning points in a match.”

Sarah Amidon - Caribbean, East Africa, Moldova.

“When I was in Israel, this is what Jesus taught me: every pass, every set, every move is centered around worshiping Jesus. I got to play volleyball with my best friend, Jesus.

Sara Ramirez - Israel and Colombia

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