We have so enjoyed our time here in Ethiopia. One of the things we prayed for, we have seen play out in many different ways, namely, that God would work in us and through us. We’ve loved spending time with children at multiple different schools, running clinics, playing games, but I believe something that has had one of the most profound impacts on each of our staff and players have been the spiritual conversations that have taken place.

It’s also amazing to see what God can do with the simplest of tools that we use on tours. Over the last couple of weeks, we have played a “game” with most of the teams we’ve competed against called Soularium. This is essentially an interactive game with a deck of picture cards that people use to tell about their life, what they’re going through, searching for, etc. As our players led these discussions, some really cool things happened!

Over the last week, an Ethiopian coach and player have sat down at different times for conversations with two of our girls and accepted Christ! We couldn’t be happier to see this take place, and we are rejoicing to know that the Lord allowed us to be used during our time here to bring people into the kingdom.

Jackie and Lexie share more about this experience in a video that is on our Facebook page. Click here to hear their recap!