Cięzka praca i fontanny (Hard Work and Fountains)

It is so difficult for me to sum up any single day in Warsaw. But here it goes…

The theme of Day 2 of the clinic was Oneness. Since Day 1, meeting in Xenia, Ohio our team has organically learned the value of being together pretty quickly. It has been really cool to see how God has just knitted our hearts together like sisters. I’ve grown so close to these girls and the Poland team and the beautiful people I have met along the way, I am already uneasy about saying goodbye.

We opened this morning with a team devotion from Philippians 2:1-9 led by Pastor Ralph and prayer and headed out to meet the campers for Day 2. The first session focused on sharpening some individual skills and we added some tricks to our b-ball repertoire. With the grace of God and a little rhythm we successfully managed to get 55+ people to jump over a single jumprope together at own time. I call that a successful day. Took a break to enjoy some subs for lunch, a little taste of home from Subway. Went back at it with Coach Kyle to strength/conditioning and agility. I just feel like God would accept sweating together as a spiritual act of worship. We finished with part 2 of the clinic with team oriented drills. The best moments to me have been when you get a chance to relate to a camper through the love for basketball even though you may not be able to understand each other. I am certain I have said a lot of silly things trying to cheer them on in Polish. I am inspired by their love for it.

Transportation or any transition in general is a bit different in Poland. One, they just walk a whole lot faster here than in America. I do not know if any of us have mastered the European pace- it is NOT a stroll. So we took a light jog to OldeTown Warsaw, catching the bus, then the metro, before getting to dinner. I felt like I was in the scene of a movie as we walked between these colorful beautifully crafted, intricately designed buildings, with the sun setting in the shadows. Stopping for ice cream… 3 scoops, added to that. I highly suggest blueberry ice cream in Poland! Walking, we met crowds of people who had gathered like us to admire the Fountain show. I’ve never seen anything like it. Lights and water and sound all blended together displaying a movie in a fountain. That was sooooo cool. After a brief shop at the souvenir shop, we would also get a little fountain from heaven and have to make a run for it back to the metro and hotel. The rain helped us to get a little better at the European pace of things. RUN! (Lol)

Tired, a little damp, and hearts full of wonder we retired for the night. I for sure set a record of the least amount of time between your head hitting the pillow and actually falling asleep.

I’m am so thankful. I am blown away. I am in love with Jesus even more. I am missing my girls already.


Today was a very eventful day! We had our second day of camp and it was another success. The theme of today was oneness. We started off with stations then some competitive skill challenges. The afternoon segment we focused on team drills. This made the players really think about how teamwork makes the dream work. After camp we went to explore old town Warsaw. It was beautiful!! We went to a nice dinner that had air conditioning!!! Then we saw a light show which was awesome because it was on a fountain. After that we had to get home but we faced a monsoon. All the transportation over here is mostly through trains or buses so it was quite an experience! Tomorrow we have our third day of camp and we are very excited to keep seeing these players grow.