Today is our last day of our trip to Poland. What an amazing journey it has been. Thinking back to training camp in Xenia, Ohio when we were complete strangers to where we are now as a family, truly shows God’s ability to unite anyone and everyone together. For me personally, this trip involved so much spiritual growth. The fellowship we had every day was something that I have never experienced before. I am so blessed to have made such meaningful spiritual connections with so many individuals. God’s work is amazing!

Our day today included finishing up our last day of camp and playing a basketball game against an amateur Poland team. It was fun to interact with older players and see their skill levels as a coach. Our players had a lot of fun and the game was pretty competitive. To end the camp, we had a banquet where Coach Kyle spoke about the gospel and shared God’s love to us and the campers. It was incredible to look around as Coach Kyle spoke and see how focused the campers were as they heard the gospel. God was truly speaking to each and everyone one of them. What an incredible day!

As this tour comes to a close, I am reflecting on a number of things. I want to make sure I stay connected with all of the incredibly awesome people I’ve met on this trip. I also am looking forward to diving into God’s word even more and learn as much as I can. This trip has ignited a spiritual fire in my soul and I can’t wait to Glorify God with the talents that He has given me, as well as, see what plans he has for me and everyone that has gone on this trip in the future. 


Peace Out Poland, What’s up America!

God Bless,

Coach J

This trip has been such an incredible experience. God has done so many great things that it would be hard to name them all. The group of players and coaches really came together quickly and everyone meshed so well with each other. Training camp was a short but a fun experience. We got some plays put in and also started preparing for the trip.

Poland has been awesome. The people are great and the cities are very beautiful. God has blessed us by being able to meet so many people here in Poland that love the Lord and are working to spread his love. We’ve seen so many children through our school visits and clinics. It’s been so rewarding and humbling to share the game of basketball with them and to also present them with the love and hope of having a relationship with Christ.

The games have gone well. We’ve won all four games we played and we’ve had a lot of fun learning to play with each other. It’s been great seeing a group of players that didn’t know each other two weeks ago really come together and support each other and grow together on the court. They’ve really been fun to watch!

God has worked in a mighty way in the lives of the players and the coaches. Everyone has grown spiritually and I’m confident that everyone will look back on this trip as a key moment in their walk with God. One of the best parts of the trip for me is all the relationships. I love how God brings all these people together in his perfect timing to accomplish his will. God is so good!

    • Coach Thompson