There are risks and there are RISKS

We started the day off like everyday this week with breakfast at 8:30 but for me that really means rolling out of bed at 8:30. After that we had our daily devotional talking about risks, the theme for Camp today. The Pastor told us there are risks and then there are risks some risks can be used to glorify the kingdom and others should never be taken. Since this was the theme for camp it was not the last time we would talk about risks, Coach J talked later to the campers about the feeling out of your comfort zone and into the risk zone and those feelings you get. I immediately thought of this trip, how uncertain I was that I would raise the money, how nervous I was to meet new people and how unsure I would be able to share my faith effectively. But after getting out of the risk zone and those feelings fade you get into to the box of this is where he magic happens. If that doesn’t describe everything this trip has been for all of us I don’t know what does! I have grown so many relationships, and have grown in my faith so much in a few weeks, it’s been sensational. I’m loving the risk taking life.