Spirit Soaring in Warsaw

Today we were back in the city of Warsaw and it was the first day of our basketball clinic. The clinic was filled with God’s love, energy, and community. We focused on the subject of “Communication” today so we played some games with the campers to emphasize the importance of communication — not just on the court, but with God and people.

Besides the emphasis on communication, we also worked really hard on he fundamentals of basketball. We had a morning and evening session that focused on individual drill work and team oriented drills. We incorporated “Communication” by having the campers call out names during passing drills and just concentrate on the importance of communicating on the court.

The most breathtaking and overwhelming part of the day, however, happened later in the day when we had a worship session. The team was all together and were all singing our hearts out. It honestly showed how in love and on fire my teammates and staff are for Christ. Half of us were even in tears (including myself)! One of the songs said “I found my life when I laid it down. Upward falling, spirit soaring.” That’s exactly how I felt tonight. Completely surrendered, (happy) tears rolling down my face in awe of God’s love, and my spirit soaring ready to grow in my relationship with the Lord. We stopped midway through the worship session to gather in small groups for prayer and that was another powerful moment. We were all able to share struggles and prayer requests and pray over some of our teammates which was such an amazing experience. I’ve realized being vulnerable to people you care about is such a freeing experience when they pray for your struggles to be taken by God.

The last part of the day was very humbling. The staff brought out buckets of water and rags and told the team they were going to wash our feet — I know how crazy that sounds. But our staff have such servant hearts and they explained how Jesus did the same. He never made Himself seem above another person and we are asked to try to live as close to Him as possible. So as a representation of Jesus and His servant heart, they washed our feet one by one and prayed individually with each of us.

I can’t explain how life-changing, impactful, and humbling tonight was. It grew my faith immensely and drew me closer in fellowship with the people on this tour.

– Paige

I have learned so much in one day because God had filled my life with joy and thankfulness. My teammates and I can back to Warsaw to help with a basketball client for 14 to 21 year olds to help them through basketball and connect with God. Before the client, the director of the camp talked to us,staff and Volunteers, about communication with God and with our lives. He talks about joyful, thankful, and communication. He also talks about how God communicated with us on spiritual gifts. In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul was writing to speak to God to build a stronger relationship with him and God started giving spiritual gifts to diversities of gifts and activities, but same spirit and also different of ministries, but same Lord. This relates to this trip by giving my teammates and I the opportunity to inspire the kids to teenagers to share our stories and how Christ affected us through life.

The beginning of the client, we all interacted with the campers and the director was communicating with the campers by showing and explaining at the same time the drills to give the campers a good idea what they are doing because communication is by listening with seeing with your eyes and hearing with your ears. In the afternoon, we got into three big group mix together with staff, Volunteers, and campers to get to know each other which we have to communicate. We did three activities/tasks to help with communication:

1.) we had paper plates to stand on and one person in the middle and that one person had to say their name, where their from, and have you rather and if the rather is true you have to switch spots with someone else if you not standing on the plate you have to be in the middle.

2.) we couldn’t talk to each other but we had to put our selves in alphabetical order by first name which it was hard because we couldn’t communicate with each other.

3.) we had to say everyone names that was in our group and it was hard because just to memorize the names and communicating with each other is better.

We got back into a big group and we talked about how communication is with reading and writing and how we listen with our eyes and ears because listening with your eyes is seeing what that person is explaining about and showing you.

In the mid afternoon, one of the leaders, Kim, talked about maturity and how maturity affects your life and others. In the Christian life is a life of growth in our relationship with Christ. Spiritual maturity is attained over time, not in an instant. In Acts 2:42-47, Peter addressed a large crowd and many became believers by having devoted the teaching and to the fellowship and talking about what is prayer and prayer is talking to God giving him the chance to motivate the believers into devote theirselves to prayer. The ingredients that God uses to cause growth in our lives are grace and truth. Truth gives us understanding to live a Christian life and Grace provides acceptance and encouragement we keep going. The formula is Grace+Truth+Time=Growth. The word, prayer, and witness are the steps to take to relation of the growth environment.