Day Two in Tarnów

Today was day two in Tarnów, and it was filled with God’s overwhelming joy and love. My teammates and I are so blessed to have such a great host named Irek who has helped us prepare delicious breakfasts and dinners. Trying new foods and traditional polish food has been great! Today we tried their dill pickle soup…and despite the name it was delicious!

The first school we visited this morning brought such joy. Interacting with the adults and students is so humbling in the excitement they bring. It is not often that they are able to have a large group of Americans join them and they make the best of it. We got to do some dribbling activities and shooting drills with the students and show how Jesus loves others through our actions since we can’t verbally communicate a lot. I was able to share my testimony with the 1st-3rd graders, which was a great experience and I just pray that God is able to use that little seed I planted to help some of the students grow in their relationship with the Lord. We also signed autographs and received a sweet gift of a mug with chocolate inside!

After we completed two different camps at the first school, we headed to another elementary. Walking everywhere has been a real eye opener and I’m thankful for the steps to help me burn off all the delicious carbs I’ve been consuming! It also makes me realize how simplistic they live here in Poland and are able to enjoy God’s beautifully made creation as they walk from place to place. The second school was kind enough to provide snacks and the kids were full of energy. Coach Thompson shared his testimony and I really felt the Holy Spirit working in the gym. Teachers and students were excited hearing his story.

During the mid-afternoon we had some great team time where we learned about going from unprepared to equipped. This was a great reminder of the importance to stay in God’s word so that in any situation that comes our way we will know how to respond in truth, even though God doesn’t expect us to be perfect in our response He wants us to be equipped. Two more players shared their extended testimony with us and it is so encouraging and to hear the way God works and the desires to serve Him that this team has. Above all else we are meant to spread His word and these are the dreams that this team has for the world.

We played a high school team in the evening and got to make great connections with many of the girls. A large crowd attended to watch and were able to hear another teammates testimony. It’s amazing the number of people that we are able to plant seeds for and I trust that God is going to water those seeds after we leave.

The most amazing moment I have been able to witness on this trip was tonight. After our game  Irek took us all to a river here in Tarnów so that three people could get baptized. Witnessing three baptisms is so powerful and I am so thankful for the way that God has worked on their hearts and where He is going to take three amazing women. I pray that they continuing to experience His grace and love for the rest of their lives. Another fantastic day in Poland…dzien dobry, good day!

Freedom in Christ

Today was another day full of God’s mercy, grace, and guidance! Our team started the day off with a delicious breakfast made by some of our leaders, teammates, and our hostess Eric. After breakfast, we headed to one of the two schools we visited today. We had the opportunity to speak to students about Jesus, how much He loves all of us, and interact with them through basketball drills.

 It was extremely eye-opening to see how excited the children were to see us and talk to us. It is one of my most memorable events about this trips so far - seeing daughters of Christ reaching out with His love. Most importantly, it has been a blessing to see how God has been continually working and transforming my teammates, coaches, and leaders. God’s love and Presence truly affects those around us (such as the students we were engaged with today).

 Around mid-morning, our team went on a little walk and learned the history of the Jews and what they experienced during the time of World War II. We even had the chance to see where the first Jews were transported to Auschwitz. Also, we got to see the beautiful, historical buildings and town of Tarnòf…

 The second school we went to involved the same process of engaging the students in our basketball drills and speaking to them about Jesus. At each school, we had a teammate share a little part of their testimony. I pray that God opens the hearts of the students we visited. At the second school, some of the students gave us small gift packages, asked for our autographs, and asked for multiple photos with us. 

 For lunch, we ate Pirogies , which is a traditional Polish meal. In the afternoon, we went over life concept 3, which included a talk about how we can move from our own power and strength to the power and strength of The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives us the power to experience God’s amazing plan for each of us. The rest of the afternoon, most people slept. In the evening, we had practice which involved splitting up the students into groups and participating in drills with them. 

 We ended the night with some Polish pizza and Sierra and myself sharing completing our H’s (or, our testimonies). After finally sharing my whole testimony for the first time, I feel freed by God’s grace, love, and forgiveness. Being surrounded by brothers and sisters in Christ who are all in for The Lord is one of the best feelings ever. Freeing myself into Christ’s open arms is honestly the best decision I have made and ever will make in my life. What a beautiful day to be alive!

Travel Day to Tarnòw

Today was amazing! We woke up and had a Polish breakfast per usual; soft eggs, bread, some type of rice, hot dogs, and deli meat available. We attended International Christian Fellowship of Warsaw Church. It was a very diverse church with believers from all over the world. Our topic was “Fearless” - unlearning fears that are not innate and allowing God to help us overcome those fears. 2 Timothy 1:7 says “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.” We were created fearless and able to attack/conquer anything life throws at us with the Holy Spirit. And through that victory, we grow spiritually.

Afterwards we had lunch with the church and then traveled to Tarnòw, Poland by train. The 5 hour train ride was filled with joy and spiritual conversation. Both of which we shared and found in in a group of middle school Polish kids traveling on the train as well. AIA intern Kelly Hartwell played a few songs with one of the kids’ guitar, we listened to the young girl play/sing as well; and that opened up conversation for the gospel to be shared with the kids afterwards. They were so sweet!

Our train ride came to an end and we were picked up by a local Tarnòw pastor affiliated with AIA. Our stay will be in his church; which is really much like a bed and breakfast looking house. Our train ride gave me time to reflect on how our God is so incredible, and we are excited to continue to be used as a vessel for His love in Poland!


Janay Morton

Touchdown Poland

Today our team began the day with breakfast and team time where we dove into life we get when we accept Christ into our life. we looked at I John 5:9-13 and broke down the freedom we can find when we make a decision to live a life that is committed to serving Christ and following Him. Following team time we ate lunch at a mall here in Warsaw before our game. We played against a local university team and it was a really cool experience. The team we payed was comprised of women of all different ages and had been going to the school for a variety of years to get their education. After the game we had the opportunity to have a teammate share her testimony and were able to hear about the team and their upcoming tournament.The team introduced themselves and we prayed with them before we left.

​Having the ability to use a basketball to be a reflection of Jesus to people who cannot communicate in English is something that blows me away. We reflect him in our actions and the joy that radiates from us and we never have to say a word, it leaves me speechless. After the game we traveled to dinner and had some time to talk and fellowship as a group. Our team just met each other less than a week ago and it’s amazing how you can see God’s hand in orchestrating all of our steps to meet for this trip. Hearing my teammates profess their faith in Jesus and how He has been faithful to them through their lives is continuing to push me to want to grow deeper in my faith. I’m loving every second of being in Poland with my teammates.

  • Kelsey Key

Final day of Training Camp: Recap

Today was a great experience for the team. They had the opportunity to play against the women’s basketball team at the prison in Dayton. It was so amazing to see the positive spirits of the inmates we came in contact with and the encouragement they gave us! It was also great to see one of our teammates Sierra, share her testimony at halftime. She reminded us that God is also working and moving through us. Finished up the day with dinner, ice cream, and mini golf. Can’t wait to see Him do more through our girls as we head out to Poland!

—Rebecca D