Regardless of your employment status with Athletes in Action (full-time, intern, STINT or part-time), all staff members are required to raise the funds needed for your salary, benefits and ministry expenses.

As a staff member you will have the unique privilege of building a ministry partnership team who will provide prayer and financial support for your outreach. We really believe that this model of Ministry Partner Development (MPD) is biblical and that God is more than able to provide all that is needed – not just finances but emotional strength and perseverance too.

Financial Support Goals

The average monthly support goals listed below are for full-time staff only. Goals include salary, benefits (see below) and reimbursements:
Single: $4000 - $5000
Couple: $8000 - $9000
Family: $9,400 - $10,500+  (dependent on family size)

We’re committed to providing high-quality training and coaching to set you up for success as you work to develop your ministry team. Part of this training will involve helping you determine your monthly financial goals, which are influenced by your salary, the cost of your benefits and potential ministry expenses. The length of this training depends on the type of position for which you’re applying, so you will want to review the detailed information here.

Your salary will be based on personal circumstances such as marital status, number of dependents, cost of living, debt and any other special needs determined by Cru.

Your ministry expenses include any costs related to doing AIA ministry, such as travel expenses and participation in conferences or mission projects. These costs, as well as any medical expenses that aren’t covered by our group medical plan, can be reimbursed (tax free) out of the funds you have raised.

Your benefits will be provided by Cru, our parent organization. Benefits include:

·      Group medical and dental plans

·      Voluntary 403(b) employee retirement program*

·      Basic and voluntary life insurance

·      Disability income

·      Worker’s compensation

*Interns and STINTers are not eligible for 403(b) enrollment. Medical coverage is optional for interns if you have proof of other medical coverage. Part-time staff members aren’t eligible for benefits.


Cru/AIA’s intention is to position our new staff members for success in ministry partner development (MPD), ministry and life. Experience has shown us that missionary staff members who have unmanageable debt are hindered in their ability to serve in ministry. We are also concerned with the appropriateness of ministry partners helping to pay off an applicant’s past consumer debt. Since we do not expect everyone to be debt-free, minimal debt is acceptable. As part of the staff member application process, you will be asked to complete a financial addendum that lists your current debts. A formula is then used to compare this amount to your potential salary. If your debt versus salary percentage is too high, we may ask you to lower your debt and then reapply to join our staff. If you have non-mortgage debt over $35,000 contact Pat Lower to run a debt calculation prior to the application.

For more general information about our employment categories please contact Ed Gersch.