Debt Limits

Cru has debt limits that may impact a person’s ability to join us. Debt includes school loans, car payments, credit card debt or any other commitments you are required to pay back. Mortgage is not calculated into the debt but can be a factor if your mortgage payment is really high.

Below are approximate debt limits which also are adjusted according to an applicant's age and marital status and debt interest rate so if you are concerned about your debt affecting your ability to move forward please contact us for a calculation specific to your debt. Please have the following information available for the calculation:

   1. Type of debt (school loans, credit card, car payment)

   2. Total amount of loan

   3. Interest rate

   4. Length of loan repayment for car loans

School loans can only be amortized over 10 years max and credit card debt over 3 years max.

All figures are approximates. If you are even close to these limits get a calculation BEFORE you apply.

Singles - Monthly combined debt must be less than $400 (under 30 yrs), $585 (30-40 yrs). If school loans are  $28,000+ it should first be checked out by AIA prior to submitting your application as a potential disqualifier. See contact info below.

Married - Monthly combined debt must be less than $680 (under 30 yrs), $730 (30-40 yrs). 

Families - Monthly combined debt must be less than $800 (1 child), $950 (3 children). 

Contact Pat Lower