Full-Time Applicants


Because AIA is a faith-based organization, potential staff members must meet unique qualifications. Learn more here

Married with Non-Staff Spouse

Historically, it has been Cru’s policy to accept both husband and wife to serve concurrently as missionary staff members based on God’s calling them as a couple to our ministry. In 2014, Cru made the decision to allow individuals to join us without their spouses. We want to encourage a culture where all staff members are fully surrendered to and following God’s calling, even if it means that one spouse is called to serve in a different vocation. Because of this policy change it is very important that you are aware of all the implications of this employment status before you apply.

Click here for all the important information regarding this new category and to access the Pre-Application Questionnaire. A Pre-Application Questionnaire is required before you begin the application process for this new staff category.

New Staff Training (NST) Options

Cru New Staff Training includes 2 parts: Part 1: Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS); Part 2: New Staff Orientation (NSO). Trainings are held in Florida except the summer training on a senior staff training year, see below, which is then held in Ft Collins, CO.

Full New Staff Training

Cru offers this four-week training every winter and summer (note that new staff members are expected to also attend Cru's national staff conference, which is held every other summer in Ft. Collins, CO. This would extend the time to five weeks for those attending that summer). Childcare is offered.

  • The Institute of Biblical Studies provides in-depth biblical training led by seminary professors and Cru staff members who have earned seminary degrees

  • New Staff Orientation is designed to help new staff learn about Cru’s past, present and vision for the future. At this training, new staff get to meet ministry leaders and learn about our unique financial policies. Ministry Partner Development (MPD) training equips new staff to develop their financial support team.

New Staff Orientation (NSO)

Cru offers this 10 day training 4 times a year. In the spring and fall only New Staff Orientation is offered and it is also offered summer and winter in the context of the full training.

  • New Staff Orientation Is open to anyone but can tend to attract mid careers, families, or those whose employment will not allow them to take four weeks off. Childcare: You are welcome to bring (and register) a friend or family member with you to stay with your children while you attend sessions, but if you choose to use the conference-supplied childcare the NSO sessions are long and your time will be tight.  It is likely that your child will be in childcare for 9+ hours daily.  All new staff members who attend the shorter New Staff Orientation and do not hold a theological degree are required to complete the first year classes through The Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS) courses before they report to their first AIA assignment. One class is taken online while doing MPD and then you must take the remaining 2 classes prior to reporting.  You can learn more about IBS here.

Completed Application Deadlines

The deadlines below indicate when we must have a completed application, which includes a detailed online application, all reference forms completed, and a staff interview when required. This could take 4-6 weeks to accomplish so you’ll want to be sure to start the process well before the deadline:

Full NST Completed Application Deadlines

October 1 for winter NST (January/February)

March 1 for summer NST (June/July)

NSO Completed Application Deadlines

October 1 for winter NST ( early February)

February 1 for spring NST (late April or early May)

March 1 for summer NST (early July)

May 15 for fall NST  (early September)

Debt Limits

Cru has debt limits that may impact a person’s ability to join us. Anyone with debt limits exceeding $30,000 should first get a debt calculation before continuing with the application. For more information click here.

Your Ministry Placement

College Campus and Pro Ministry is the only placement option that is NOT a headquarters placement. Each of the following assignments require working at the World Training and Resource Center in Xenia, Ohio: Sports TEAMS (Baseball, Basketball, Track and Field, Football, Soccer, Sports Performance), Sports Complex and Retreat Center, Digital Strategies (Communications/IT/Media), Development, Event Planning, Finance, Global, Leadership Development/Human Resources and President’s Office.

An assignment within the Pro Ministry is only an option if you have been recruited specifically by the Pro Ministry.


For information on compensation and related financial support levels click here.


Read all the information on this page then go to the Application Details tab at the top for information on how to apply.

For further information please contact Pat Lower.