Intern Applicants


Interns are accepted for positions on college campuses and at the AIA National Office located in Xenia, OH. Because AIA is a faith-based organization, potential interns must meet unique qualifications. Learn more here.

Our internship opportunities include: AIA Institute for Sports TEAMs; Campus Intern; National Office Intern.

          AIA Institute for Sports TEAMs

    This internship is also located at the National Office. Intern positions available with Sports TEAMs include: Basketball, Soccer, Football, Track and Field, Volleyball, Wrestling, Baseball, and Sports Performance (athletic or personal trainers, strength and conditioning). In addition there are internships available with our Sports Complex and Retreat Center (SCRC) and the Humanitarian/Community Outreach. For further information click here.

          Campus Intern

    Interns with the AIA campus ministry are part of a local AIA ministry in the collegiate campus setting ministering to student athletes. For further information about the AIA Campus Ministry click here.

          National Office Intern

    Internship positions at the National Office allow you to use your skills in the following departments: Digital Strategies (Events, Media, Graphics, Journalism, IT), Development, Global (International), Operations (HR, Finance). If you would like further information on any of these departments please contact Deb Rumelhart.

    Completed Application Deadlines

    The deadlines below indicate when we must have a completed application which includes a detailed online application and all reference forms completed and received by AIA Application Services. This could take 4-6 weeks to accomplish so you’ll want to be sure to start the process well before the deadline.

    March 1  the training hosted by AIA in Xenia, OH (mid-April; three days)

    May 15 for training hosted by Cru in Orlando, FL (late August or early September; three days).

    October 1 for training hosted by Cru in Orlando, FL (mid-January; three days).

    Allow four to five weeks to receive a decision after submitting your completed application. The earlier you complete your application the better.

    Debt Limits

    Debt load may impact your AIA internship in the following ways that you need to consider before applying. If your debt load is such that it would prevent you from coming on staff, you will not be able to intern. When you have paid down your debt to the amount that Cru allows, you can apply again.

    1. Intern salary ranges from approx $1400-1600 (before taxes) so if you have a large debt load including school loans, car payment, credit card debt etc. you may not be able to live successfully on an intern salary.

    2. You may consider deferment on student loans until after your internship or pay interest only so that the debt is not higher at the end of your internship. It is your responsibility to contact your loan administrator for any requests you may have regarding these options. For more information see "Frequently Asked Questions" on student loans and debt.

    3. Your parents may consider helping with debt payment during the internship year.

    4. If you are unsure about your debt in relation to our limits please contact us before completing the application so we can give you accurate information. You must have your loan balances and interest rates for a calculation. Contact Pat Lower


    Read all the information on this page then go to the Application Details tab at the top for information on how to apply.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much financial support will I have to raise?
    The annual amount of support that interns raise is typically from $36,000 - $50,000. Your base salary is intended to cover basic living expenses and is not designed to cover additional larger expenses such as a large car payment, student loan repayment, etc. In addition, you must raise funds for social security and federal taxes, ministry expenses and overhead costs.

    If you would like to receive medical insurance through Cru, which is required unless you can provide proof of coverage through another form of insurance, you will need to raise an additional $550-700 per month, depending on the type of coverage you choose.

    The base salary amount can be increased slightly to allow for a small car payment, minimal debt, etc. AIA can also provide a few options for you to consider regarding your student loan repayment.

    Interns in the U.S. may raise additional funds for special expenses such as conferences and mission projects, as well as any other pre-determined ministry expenses.

    How long is an internship?
    Internships last 12 months from the time that ministry partner development is complete.  Typically an intern would receive their acceptance notification by April, develop their team of ministry partners from April through August 1 and then work at their ministry assignment for one year (i.e. until August of the following year).

    If you're a college student or recent graduate looking for a shorter summer internship at our National Office, check out the X Project.

    How is my placement determined?
    Interns are usually assigned back to the AIA ministry at the college campus where they were involved. If you haven’t been involved with a specific AIA ministry, or you’re requesting a different placement, you must be accepted by an AIA campus team. If you’re requesting a placement at AIA National Office, which would include all placement requests other than a college campus, you must have the department where you’re hoping to work agree to take an intern before you’ll be accepted into the internship program.

    How long do I have to raise my financial support?
    Interns are given four months to raise the funds for their ministry unless an exception has been approved. If it’s time to report to your assignment and you haven’t raised all of your financial support, there are a couple of things that could happen. If you haven’t seen a lot of funding come in, it might be an indication that God is leading you to do something else. In the past, the (very few) people who have been in this situation have found that they are still thankful for how God has been active in their lives through this step of faith.

    If you are very close to having the funding that you need, time may be allowed for you to complete your ministry partner development and get to your assignment. Although each situation is evaluated on an indiviual basis, you must have completed your ministry partner development and received clearance from your Intern Coordinator in order to report to your assignment.

    Will I have any help and encouragement while I am raising my financial support?

    Yes. You will have a MPD coach to guide you through the process. While your coach cannot go on appointments, dial the phone or write letters with you, he or she will give you instruction and encouragement along the way. Their job will be to help you stay on track toward being fully funded.

    What if I have student loans and other debt? 

    First please read the Debt Limits section above. If you have student loan debt it may be possible to have the payments deferred while you are an intern. Approach your lending agency (in person, if possible; by phone or letter if not) and explain that you will be interning for a year with a non-profit organization. There is usually a six-month grace period between graduation and debt repayment. You can ask for an extension of the six-month period to 12-16 months, which should cover the time that you are an intern. 

    If you have consumer debt and/or a car payment, but no other form of debt, you may be able to raise additional support. Applicants with a combination of debt will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. 

    What kind of personal development can I expect at my assignment?
    You will be given a coach to guide you in ministry, be part of a team, receive training in your area of outreach and be exposed to the larger ministry of Athletes in Action.