Message from the President

Dear Friend,

I am excited about your interest in pursuing information about full time opportunities with Athletes In Action. As you are probably aware, sports provide an incredible platform to take the life-changing message of the Gospel throughout the world. We are honored that you would consider being a part of the AIA team!

Like all of us, you will face an ever-increasing number of decisions in your life. Life is essentially a series of decisions that we each must make. Over time these decisions chart a course for our lives and eventually comprise our enduring legacy. It is critical for you to choose the right reference point in order to make consistently wise decisions. The reference point that we have always tried to use personally is our relationship with God. God is the foundation from which we have found all “good” decisions rest upon.

In one sense, this beginning point is really the hardest decision you will have to make. Will you trust yourself and what you can discern and achieve (despite your obvious limitations)? Or, will you trust God for all that He has for you, with His infinite love for you and His unending wisdom (Mark 8:34-38)?

I will be praying that God directs your steps as you consider the important decisions that lie ahead! Here are a few principles that may help you as you prayerfully consider God’s future direction for your life:

What does God’s Word say about the decision?

This is not a mysterious answer taken out of context but an attempt to view the decision through the lens of scripture. It may be helpful to write down some verses that help you think biblically about your decision.

What do I sense the Spirit impress on me while in prayer regarding the decision?

Again, there is a danger that I may misrepresent my thoughts for the Spirit’s prompting, so I never act solely on this basis. But, I do pay attention to it, for this is where we enjoy the intimacy of our relationship with God. (I Samuel 23:1-4)

What insights do I gain from the counsel of others? 

There are three kinds of counselors that I seek:

Those who know me and can help me understand myself.

Those who know the situation and can give me valuable insight into what will be involved in the decision.

Those who know God and will allow me to share the issues and provide me with Godly prospective. (Prov. 15:22)

What is my deepest desire regarding this?

On the surface, I will have many different wants. But as I dig down, I find out what is really important to me. As we delight ourselves in the Lord (Ps 37:4), His desires become our desires.

What is the view of wisdom on this decision?

Here I normally write out the pros and cons of each action. Then I ask, “Which of these factors are most important?” (Prov. 14:8, 15).

It really makes sense to evaluate decisions we must make using the aforementioned principles when we remember and embrace the character of God! We serve a God who is all knowing, (thus knows what is best for us), all-loving (wants what is best for us) and all-powerful (able to lead us into what is best for us).

When we remember who God is, then it is much easier to trust him with all of our heart and follow His leading! That is my prayer for you as you begin the next chapter of your life.  I look forward to hearing how God leads!

Laboring Together,

Mark Householder
Athletes in Action President