Part-Time Staff Applicants

Before You Apply - THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Before applying, you MUST first fill out a pre-application questionnaire so that we can determine if there is a part-time position available. Download the questionnaire here. Email your questionnaire to the part-time field staff rep and we will confirm whether or not there is a position for you. DO NOT apply before you’ve completed this step.

What is Part-Time Field Staff (PTFS)? 

PTFS is a way for lay people can participate in our mission. PTFS provide spiritual leadership by modeling Cru’s ministry model of win, build and send, ultimately helping to develop spiritual movements so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.

  • PTFS commit to work with Athletes in Action's campus ministry on a part-time basis for an indefinite period of time, but for a minimum of 12 months.
  • PTFS are connected with and serving alongside the local AIA college campus movement in their area.
  • The duties of PTFS must be direct evangelism and discipleship, which enables you to be treated as a member of a religious missionary order (RMO) in the application/screening process and in compensation (Cru is an RMO). PTFS is not for people who are interested in working in an office setting.
  • PTFS must commit to raise the necessary funds to cover their salary and ministry expenses.
  • Because this position is part time, medical and dental benefits are not provided.


Because AIA is a faith-based organization, potential staff members must meet unique qualifications. Learn more here

Completed Application Deadlines

The deadlines below indicate when we must have a completed online application, which includes a detailed online application and all reference forms completed. This could take 4-6 weeks to accomplish so you’ll want to be sure to start the process 2 months before the deadline but no more than 4 months in advance of the deadline.

March 1 for April training hosted by AIA in Xenia, OH (three days)
May 15 for Late August or early September training hosted by Cru in Orlando, FL (three days)
October 1  for January training hosted by Cru in Orlando, FL ( three days).


Below is a list of things that do constitute activities which can be part of the PTFS job description:

• Sharing Faith Weekly

• Leading Bible Study/Discipleship/Follow-­up

• Receiving Training/Team Direction

• Planning Large Group Outreaches

• Attending Staff Meetings

• Organizing/Planning Conferences & Retreats (not as the primary role)

• Organizing or Teaching at Student Gatherings (not as the primary role)

• Attending additional team functions

• Coaching Other Movements or Campuses

• Coaching People Who Are Doing Direct Ministry

• MPD maintenance

Salary Structure 

As PTFS, you will have a maximum of six months from the time of your training to develop your financial support based the level of involvement you choose. 

 Level 1 - Job expectations of 10-15 hours - starting salary  $10,530 gross annual
 Level 2  - Job expectations of 20-25 hours per week - starting salary $17,374.50 gross annual

There are various multipliers that could apply but are dealt with on an individual basis.

Please note that the numbers listed are base salaries and do not take into account taxes that will be deducted for your specific location. In other words, your take-home paycheck will be smaller than shown above. Cru/AIA also uses a geographic cost of living ‘multiplier’ when determining  salaries. This means that PTFS in more expensive cities can take a larger salary in accordance with Cru’s ‘multiplier’ for their area.


Read all the information on this page then go to the Application Details tab at the top for information on how to apply. If you have further questions please contact Leah Rictor.