Listed below are most of the basic qualifications that we use to select missionary staff for Athletes in Action. Note that these criteria are not for the purpose of judging a person’s standing before God or his or her worth as a Christian. Rather, they are for the purpose of evaluating an individual’s readiness to serve in ministry with AIA.

God’s Leading

Applicants must be able to clearly state how and why they believe God is calling them to serve with Athletes in Action. They must be able to explain how they have been prepared and led by the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Maturity

Applicants must have been a Christian for a minimum of six months before applying and 12 months before receiving acceptance to work with Athletes in Action. They must have a basic knowledge of Scripture and be in full agreement with Cru’s Statement of Faith, our emphasis on Scripture and its application to daily living, and our emphasis on the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Applicants need to be mature enough in their relationship with God to build into the lives of others. Applicants must demonstrate a concern for others and a willingness to learn how to introduce others to Christ.

Athletes in Action is looking for people who maintain a lifestyle of personal holiness. Scripture places some restrictions on a mature believer’s liberty in Christ, in that while serving Christ the person must act with sensitivity towards others.  As a result, we ask those working with us to be willing to give up any social habits that might lessen their effectiveness and ability to represent Christ and the ministry of Cru to others.

Emotional Maturity

The demands of ministry partner development and an initiative-oriented ministry make it necessary for an individual have a reasonable degree of self-assurance and an ability to handle pressure.

Moral Conduct and Character

As a ministry we must evaluate the moral character of applicants in light of the biblical standards of sexual purity. Any violation of these standards may affect the timing of one’s acceptance for staff.

An applicant must be able to communicate and work well with others. Priority is placed upon dependability, willingness to assume responsibility, a teachable spirit, a good reputation and moral purity. The applicant must demonstrate leadership qualities or show potential in this area.

Skills and Training

Applicants must have a minimum educational background of a high school diploma or equivalent training and experience and have been out of high school for at least one year prior to receiving acceptance as a staff member. However, applicants applying for an AIA Campus Ministry staff position must also have a college degree.  Potential placement with Athletes in Action is based upon: spiritual gifts, natural talents and abilities, life experience, the overall needs of the ministry and your current resume.

Availability for Training

We want our new staff members to have the best possible training to equip them for effective outreach. New staff training/orientation (specific to your employment category) is designed to help new staff members transition into full-time ministry. 


Divorce may be a disqualifier for employment depending on the applicant’s specific circumstances. At AIA we believe that God intends marriage to be between one man and one woman for life. While we recognize that in our sinful world there are times when marriages fail, we believe that it is important for individuals who have gone through a divorce to have sufficient time for reconciliation and healing before returning to a prominent role in ministry. Therefore, we require that two years of consistent Christian living elapse between the time of divorce and the submission of a staff application.

Single Parent

We believe that God’s design for families is that a husband and wife share the task of raising children. When an individual is forced to parent alone the demands are tremendous. While the needs of the children have not changed, the number of available parent hours has changed. The demands of full-time ministry with AIA jeopardizes a single parent’s ability to offer adequate time, energy or attention to their children. For this reason, AIA is unable to invite single parents to become staff members.


We desire to position new staff for success in Ministry Partner Development (MPD), ministry and life.  Experience has shown us that missionary staff who have unmanageable debt are hindered in their effectiveness to serve in ministry. We are also concerned with the appropriateness of ministry partners helping to pay off an applicant’s past consumer debt. We do not expect everyone to be debt-free, but minimal debt is encouraged. As part of the application process you will be asked to complete a financial addendum that lists your current debt. A formula is then used to compare this amount to your potential salary. If your debt versus salary percentage is too high we may ask you to lower your debt and then reapply for staff.