Arrived Safely - 1st Full Day in Armenia

Day 1 update from Yerevan. This morning we spent some time with the AIA staff in Armenia planning our schedule for the week. We spent a few hours at the University meeting their leadership (rector, dean, professors) and teaching one lecture and lab to more than 70 kinesiology students. They were so eager for knowledge!

The Rector is the President of the University. He is a former international wrestler who remembers John Peterson. They competed for their respective countries (USA and USSR) in the same weight class. The two men greeted each other with a “wrestling move” and enjoyed some great memories.

It was fun after working with a translator for most of the day to have a couple of students come ask questions in English. It is definitely humbling to come to their country and have them know more of your language then you know of theirs. My Armenian is limited to hello, goodbye, my friend, thank you, yes, and very good.

We spent the rest of the day teaching medical school students and physicians. There is definitely a need for us to be here! They came with a desire to hear from us, be open to ideas and to ask questions.

Continue to keep our whole team and the people here in your thoughts and prayers as tomorrow’s lessons become much more complex. Special prayers too for our translators. They are so vital to our message being clear and understood. AIA’s translators did an amazing job, even with limited medical term knowledge! I think they were the most exhausted people by the end of the day!

  • Doug for the Team

Below: Wrestlers’ Greeting / Team with the Rector / Noah teaching the Sport Doctors and Medical School Students.

Returning to Armenia! Partnership in the Gospel

AIA Sports Performance is sending it’s sixth sports medicine and strength & conditioning educational mission team to Armenia. Use this prayer calendar as a means of joining our team as we serve our partners in Armenia!

Follow us on this blog as the team seeks to teach and minister at the Yerevan State Medical School, the National Kinesiology University, the Armenian Olympic Committee, and to wrestling and soccer athletes and coaches!