Day 2 - Building Relationships

We started our second day in Armenia with a team Bible Study on the Holy Spirit; sharing and learning from God’s Word about how to be directed and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Our plan is to gather each morning for study of God’s Word. This is an essential part of our day as we seek to stay in step with God’s will for our time here.

Our first teaching session today was at the National Kinesiology University. Our 2 1/2 hours with the students there focused on a discussion on nutrition for sport and how to recognize and know when to refer a head injury. We are seeking to build relationships with those who attend each day so that we can open doors for our ministry staff in Armenia to follow up with them.

We split up for our afternoon session with John and Noah going with Tigran to an elite wrestling club to do a clinic. As an Olympic Champion, John is received very well by Armenians, who love the sport of wrestling. There were 25-30 wrestlers and 7 coaches in attendance. Two of their wrestlers are Armenia National Champions. They were very focused on John as he shared his testimony of how God changed his life.

Paul and Doug stayed at the New Life Armenia ministry headquarters to teach on concussion and sudden death in sports. The 20-25 sports doctors who are coming to these meetings are from the top levels of sport in Armenia. They have recently formed an Armenian Sports Medicine Federation and hope to be a positive influence on their nation. This is something that our teams coming to Armenia have spoken with them about since 2012. We rejoice and celebrate this important step in improving sports medicine in their country.

Our prayer is to be used by God to be a a positive influence on both the wrestlers and the sport doctors so they can impact their country, and also those countries around them. By serving them in this way, we share the love of Christ with them, and open doors for our Armenian staff to follow up on the relationships we have built.

  • Paul for the team