Sp sa march 1 2, 2019

Sports Performance Goes to Cape Town

It was an interesting start to the trip. I (Dane) had stayed up until 3am on the morning we were supposed to leave because that was about when I was supposed to be picked up. Lisa and Naomi were picking me up from school and we were gonna drive to the airport for our very early morning flight. But a little after midnight I got text from Lisa saying our flight to Johannesburg got canceled and she was working on rescheduling a new flight plan, and asked me to pray that it would all work out. So I started praying and stayed up until about 4:30 am and then went to sleep. Lisa told me we had new flights and all was good. But when Lisa came to pick me up she was on the phone with Synthia who was telling Lisa that she didn’t have a ticket for the first flight in the new plan. So again we started praying. It wasn’t until we talked to the representatives at the airport that we got it figured out. I am not sure why the Lord was putting us through that, maybe it was to start our trip off truly having to rely on Him to get us there. After we landed at JFK we met up with Synthia, and we all waited to board our flight to Johannesburg. When we landed in Johannesburg they provided us with hotel rooms. The layover between our flights were not long enough to get a good amount of sleep, but we were able to shower and freshen up which was a true blessing. From there it was just a short hop of a flight to Cape Town, where we hit the ground running. When we landed we met Leon (SA Cru staff) and Esmari (Henk’s wife and AIA staff) and her mother. They greeted us and helped us get the rental car and welcomed us to South Africa. Since we had planned on being there a day earlier we had bought tickets to go to Robben Island. Due to the flight delay we went from the airport to the Waterfront, and from there boarded a ferry to tour Robben Island. Esmari’s husband, Henk, arrived and they went with us on the tour. Robben Island is a small hunk of rock off the coast of Cape Town, and actually has a lot of history. During the Apartheid times it was were the South African government placed political prisoners. It was truly saddening and honestly a little heart breaking to see how those prisoners were treated. Most were peaceful protesters that did not agree with the oppressive laws the government had in place. One such prisoner was Nelson Mandela. We had the opportunity to see the cell were he spent 18 years as a political prisoner. Because I was so tired from traveling I wasn’t able to truly process all the information and think through what Apartheid did to the people down in South Africa, and it wasn’t until the next day that I really had time to think through all the harm Apartheid had caused. When we finished touring Robben Island we boarded the ferry back to Cape Town. Once back on the mainland we went to where we were staying for the week. Once all of us were unpacked we went out for our first dinner in SA. It was the first of many amazing meals down in South Africa! After dinner we went back to our residency and started preparing for Sunday…and finally went to sleep!