Sp sa march 3 4, 2019

On Sunday we went to a worship service with our friends in Khayelitsha at Go Ye Evangelistic Ministries and it was nothing short of INCREDIBLE!!! God was truly in the building and every one of us could feel His spirit. Every song spoke to our hearts and the sermon was spot on. We got the opportunity to introduce ourselves, sing and dance with them, and pray for them. Apostle Adoorns and his wife made us feel so welcome. The women’s ministry was also gracious enough to provide a meal for us of traditional African dishes after the service which allowed us to be able to fellowship with them for a little while longer. We learned so much about each other and it was an amazing time in the Lord. We walked into church guests and left family. After leaving the church grounds some AIA friends that participated in the UTC South Africa over the past couple of years took us to an overlook that allowed us to see the ENTIRE TOWNSHIP of Khayelitsha!!! It was…. wow! We truly appreciated their hospitality and the chance to continue our fellowship with our brothers in Christ beyond worship service. After a great dinner, we needed our activities for the night.

On Monday we had our first day at the University of Western Cape which was great! The sports medicine lecture was on emergency management and the class and lecturer, Alice, seemed to learn a lot from the information provided. We also learned so much from Alice who is starting her doctoral research and has a heart for creating healthy communities. Our conversation with her was nothing less than inspiring. While on a short tour of the facilities with Dr Leach, we met some a student that remembered the name of Athletes In Action and was excited about speaking us more deeply. We invited him to lunch with us in the student center in the hopes that he would join us. During our team time in the student center before lunch we ran into the Michigan State AIA group! It was so good to see them and connect for a few minutes. Getting back to our team time with the Lord, we were joined by our new friend from the exercise science department and we were so excited to have him! Team time was so powerful! After lunch we decided to hit the beach and take in some of the beautiful scenery before heading back to UWC for the big rugby game. UWC lost the match, but the atmosphere was loud and exciting and we were glad that Dr Leach was so kind to get tickets for us. The rugby game ended our activities for the day and we were all ready for a good night’s rest.