Sp sa march 5 6, 2019

Our day Tuesday began with team time at UWC where we got the chance to dive into our identity as believers and ask ourselves the question, “what motivates me?” We had one of the student athletes that Henk has been discipling, join us! It was a great time to connect and dive into God’s word together. Our identity in Christ is foundational as we walk out this faith life together in community! We have to know who we are and Whose we are. I encourage you to dive in and ask yourself the question, what motivates me? Let God show you!

Later in the morning, I had the opportunity to teach the students a speed progression program that was shared with me. I was thankful to be able to share the knowledge that was shared with me. The students asked great questions and participated throughout the session. This talk opened up opportunities for building relationships later in the week! In the afternoon, the faculty in the sports science department hosted us for a luncheon. It was a sweet time to connect and fellowship together over a meal. I was so encouraged by the fruitful conversations about faith, sport, and work that took place.

To finish the day, we went to the District 6 museum to continue to engage the conversation around the history of Cape Town and the effects of apartheid. It was a somber experience. District 6 was a flourishing community, but the people there were forced to leave their homes during apartheid and live in the Cape flats. All of the buildings, except for a few churches, were demolished. Nothing was left. When Nelson Mandela came into presidency, one of the efforts he made was to restore to people their land that was stripped from them. Our tour guide was taken from District 6, but because of Mandela’s efforts, he lives there again. Tragically, not everyone was restored to their land, and the effects of the injustice of racism still ring out through Cape Town today.

Wednesday was our sight seeing day! I can honestly say I’ve never been to a place as beautiful and diverse in the scenery and people as Cape Town. We were at the top of Table Mountain at the beginning of the day, where the sun was shining so bright! And early in the afternoon, the clouds rolled in and the sky was overcast as we began our drive around Chapman’s Peak to Boulders Beach, where we saw many penguins! We finished the day with a sunset drive back to our room. I was in awe of God’s majesty in the creation. It struck me how in the midst of the beauty of Cape Town, there is so much brokenness and hurt from the history. But God sees, He knows, and He cares. My hope for the city of Cape Town rests on Him alone, just as my hope rests on Him for the United States and for the world. How sweet it is that we have a Savior and friend in Jesus.