Sp sa march 7 9, 2019

On Thursday, we started our morning at the UWC campus and had our team time. We were joined by Henk and Thamar (Henk has been discipling him). It was great to have him with us. We learned a lot from him and his experiences. We then left and went to the Sports Science Institute where we met Zoe. Zoe has been a part of our sports performance teams since 2012. She works at the Sports Science Institute now and had our team there as guests. The things they are doing with technology there are amazing. The best part for me honestly was just being able to reconnect with Zoe, she is a dear friend. After our time with Zoe we went back to campus and had a session with coaches from the university and spoke about sports injuries and the best way to treat them. We all wished that we had more time with them and are planning that for next year.

Thursday evening we had the opportunity to spend the night in fellowship with the Michigan State AIA team who was also in Cape Town and our South African staff. It was a great time to hear stories of how the Lord had been working that week and hear the heart of the staff there in Cape Town and beyond. Be praying for those staff. They have a huge responsibility there in South Africa. Pray for laborers for the harvest is ripe there.

On Friday, we began the day with team time at our accommodation (that is South African for where we stayed) and then did some souvenir shopping, since we were leaving the next day. We had a great time in downtown Cape Town and then we headed toward UWC. We had to make some stops along the way to pick up pizza and other supplies for our pizza get together with students that we had been teaching during the week. It was a great time of fellowship. We weren’t sure how many students were going to show up because the professor hadn’t had a good response, but we had a good number show up. Naomi will be there next year for an internship and she was able to touch base with a couple of girls that are interested in growing in their faith. That was exciting for Naomi and the staff there! We had pizza left over and were able to gift students with it. That was a fun way to bless them!

After the party we went to the waterfront to have dinner with friends from Khayelitsha. It was a great evening to spend time with Keli and Sonwabile and hear what has been going on in their lives and how we could be praying for them. After dinner we headed back to our accommodation to pack and sleep for we left for the US the next day…

…but before we could leave on Saturday we went to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in order to spend time with the Lord and to process what He was doing in our hearts. We had brunch at the restaurant there and then headed to the airport. It was a great trip and one that will be remembered for a long time to come. Be praying for the students that we spoke to and for the students that are still yet to be met with the love of Jesus. Thank you for your prayers for our trip and for the support to help us get there.

Signing off for the team, Lisa