Seeking Answers

“He loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of the steadfast love of the Lord.” - Psalms 33:5 

Long, uncomfortable silences dragged on in the Urban Project house tonight as our group discussed heavy issues regarding race and its effects. After watching a thought-provoking video about how race is a social and political concept that impacts millions of lives and opportunities, our team was faced with difficult questions to answer. 

One member of the group voiced some of my frustrations by asking if true reconciliation is possible, especially after the effects of slavery, poverty, racial injustices, and human depravity have been taking a toll for hundreds of years.

I too have been struggling with this idea, and how a loving and just God can see His creation in such a fallen state. After driving through Skid Row our first week and seeing tent after tent filled with lost and lonely people, I’ve been consumed with questions like: How can God let women and children sleep out in the cold? How can He watch as infants go hungry? How can He possibly be loving and just when the world is torn apart by the effects of sin?

I understand that we as Christians are his tools on earth to help the oppressed, but how can I feed the hungry when what they really need is the saving grace of God? I’m only treating symptoms, not the source of the disease. My inability to heal my fellow human’s condition when I am just as sinful is incredibly frustrating, leaving me to wrestle with these difficult questions. 

Through the next few weeks, I hope to find answers while delving into the mystery that is our vast and Holy God. 

Sarah — University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

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