My time so far

So far, I am really enjoying my time at Urban Project – Los Angeles. I am learning principles that I get to apply to my faith, sport, and life. This week we have been introduced to various neighborhoods and ministry sites around Los Angeles. I have been overwhelmingly amazed on how rich the culture is in the city of Los Angeles.

In reflection of the past couple days here at the UP-LA house I really enjoy how well everyone is bonding and building in community together. I am fascinated how everyone has come from different backgrounds and walks of life, but all can become one family. I see how we are living in the body of Christ and living in the presence of God’s love.

Around the house, we have an encouragement wall and everyone in the house is already posting notes of encouragement for people in the house. I think this goes to show how everyone has already began to have a lasting impact on people. We aren’t even finished with one week and this house feels like a family. My hope is that people continue to use the wall and send encouragement to our home community.

Peace, love, and positivity.

Philip Hassell

Ohio State University