Our responsibility

This week at the Urban Project – Los Angeles (UP-LA), we are discussing the principle of Reconciliation, one of the 3 Rs for community development as posed by Dr. John Perkins, author of With Justice For All. Reconciliation is to bring back to right relationship and requires the defrauded parties to be made whole, not just apologizing for the offense. To learn more about this topic and discuss it further, we watched the movie The Color of Fear. This movie was about eight or so men from various ethnic backgrounds, who had never met before, coming together for a weekend retreat to have conversations surrounding race and ethnicity in America.
During this movie, one of the men made the statement that it is the responsibility of white people to educate their white brothers and sisters about racism in the world. This statement hit me. How many times have I not said something when someone made a racist comment? How many times have I stood idly by when comments were made about a person of color? Moving forward, it is my responsibility as a white woman and a Christian to confront and engage in difficult conversations surrounding race and justice.

Please pray that we would have the boldness to continue to engage in discussions about race, that God would allow us to see people the way He does, and that God would illuminate any past hurts we have inflicted upon others so that we may wrestle with it and reconcile ourselves back to Him and our brothers and sisters.

Kaitlynn Hedelund
UNC Chapel Hill