Welcome to the Urban Project – Los Angeles!

Welcome to the blog for the Urban Project – Los Angeles (UP-LA). We invite you to visit this page daily to follow the events and course of the Urban Project.

After their arrival on June 1st, students (and perhaps a few staff) will use the pages of this blog to share stories, updates, and write (or video!) about the events of the Urban Project from their various perspectives. We believe you’ll see the brilliance and leadership of this generation of student-athletes as they serve and experience and engage and learn from some of the marginalized communities in South Los Angeles.

In addition to encouraging and teaching these phenomenal students to continue honoring and upholding the testimony of Jesus Christ in their athletic and personal lives, UP-LA staff and students together will tackle the concepts of culture, ethnicity, class, power, poverty, privilege, race, responsibility, and justice, as well as what the Gospel of Christ has to say about these ever-relevant and important issues.

Again, bookmark this page and visit daily to keep up with what’s going on at Athletes in Action’s 2019 Urban Project – Los Angeles. Thanks for checking in. Feel free to share this link through your own social media accounts.