Meet the Team - Kelly

My name is Kelly and it’s my honor to serve as the Director for X Project. As the oldest momma in this family photo, you can see that doing life with 20-something’s is a big part of my current reality. Serving in this role affords me the blessing of “adopting” additional 20-somethings to walk with through this significant and familiar season.

My husband and I followed God’s calling to Athletes in Action in mid-career and moved to Xenia about 14 years ago… part of the Sports T.E.A.M. division. In addition to directing X Project, we are devoted to serving coaches and athletes and their families primarily through the men’s basketball department. God keeps showing up in remarkable ways… drawing people to Himself and changing lives through the platform of sport… and we are thrilled to be a part!

One of my traditional hobbies is digging in the dirt – planting and transplanting – watching things grow, die, and grow again (gardening). Less traditionally, I relish (1) doing something I’ve never done before and (2) celebrating when I’m not in a hurry… like sitting down for dinner with others who are unhurried, enjoying conversation and maybe even an after-dinner game or walk.

As X Project draws near, I look forward to encouraging our interns to discover and embrace their uniquely-designed-by-God selves, step into growth zones, understand how we are better together and, ultimately, be overwhelmed with the mercy, grace and love of God… bringing Him glory all the days of their lives!

Meet the Team - Vince

Hi, my name is Vince and my wife is Karen. This is my 32nd year on staff with with Cru and I am on AIA staff at our World Training Complex and Retreat Center. I serve as a Sports Team recruiter and a mentor and coach to our staff.

Karen and I have been married for 31 years and have 3 adult children as Karen mentioned in her post.

We have been blessed with a grandson named Eli. He is 9 months old. We are catching some Z’s together.

I love to fish and watch Lebron James play basketball!

I am really excited to be part of your lives as you come to Xenia and encourage you in your faith journey.

Meet the Team - Karen Purpero

My name is Karen Purpero!  I’m so excited to meet all of you!  I’ve been praying for you! :-}

Vince and I have been married for 31 years, I came on staff with Cru in 1987, we served with the high school ministry here in the States as well as 9 years in Italy and Germany until a year and a half ago when we joined with AIA.  My role here is serving with the new staff and interns, and of course I keep Vince in line.

I am an introvert but I love one-on-one time or small groups.  I have a passion for seeing people flourish using their unique gifts.  I am a classical pianist and I give evangelistic concerts using the music to share a message. Cru is an amazing organization that champions our staff finding creative ways to serve!

We have 3 kids:  Ellyn is 27; she and her husband David Clayton are on staff with Cru Campus at Purdue.  They gave us our first grandchild, Eli, he is 7 months old and adorable.  Anthony is 24 and he is raising his support to join us here with AIA in Xenia.  You will meet him, he’s a hoot and a half.  Chloe is 23, just graduated from Appalachian State with a degree in Studio art / painting.  She and her fiancé Gabriel will get married in NC in May! 

I like a hodgepodge of things:  music and art, reading, all kinds of needlework, and getting dirty out in the garden.  Flowers.  I leave the vegetable gardening to the local farmers.  A fun fact about me….I can ride a unicycle.

I’m really looking forward to having you all at our home in the country - we have 4 acres and chickens.  And I can’t wait to see how the Lord works in all of your lives this summer as He continues to reveal His perfect plan for you!

Meet the Team - The Hardy's

Hi X-Project 2018!! We are the Hardy’s and we can’t wait to meet you! We’ve been on staff 23 years with 15 of those being in Xenia, OH! Currently, Matt serves as the Great Lakes Regional Director for the Campus Ministry and Sally serves on that team.

We have 3 kiddos…Ava is 11, Cooper is 9 and Hudson is 6. They love hanging out with college students so get ready!

In any free time we have, you will find Matt smokin’ chains on a disc golf course with some friends and Sally at a coffee shop reading a good book or having lunch with good friends. Together, we love to play tennis and go camping.

We are trusting God for our summer together and we get excited to think about how God might want to deepen our love for Him and how He will reveal more of who He has made each of us to be in order to reflect Him to others!

Meet the Team - Mary Gooding

Hey everybody, my name is Mary Gooding! I graduated from Purdue in Organizational Leadership and Supervision. I also played softball while I was there! This is my first year on staff with AIA, and I am on campus staff at Indiana University (my rival school…I never thought that I would be caught in anything Indiana, but here I am wearing an IU sweatshirt in my picture)!

I love sports, but I also really love spending time with my family. I am the youngest of six and all of my siblings are married and have several kids! I absolutely love being an aunt! Besides playing with my nieces and nephews, on a nice day you will typically find me hammocking!

I am so excited for this summer and to meet all of the interns! I am excited to walk alongside them and equip them to follow the Lord and make disciples as they go into the work force and back onto their campuses.