AIA Strategic Partnerships

God has called us to "go out and make disciples of ALL nations." AIA USA has partnered with AIA South Africa, AIA East Asia, AIA Jamica, and AIA Puerto Rico to launch AIA campus movements and strategic partnerships to reach each of these locations. The goal to spread the word of God across each continent, and across the world, we believe can be achieved starting with these partnerships.

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Partnership Opportunities

Part of the partnership includes sending teams to help accelerate the mission in each location. We offer opportunities to travel with us on Spring Break and Summer Mission Projects.

Join us on a Spring Break Mission trip and immerse yourself for one full week in:

  • ...what God is doing around the world!
  • ...another culture!
  • ...relationships with athletes from all over the U.S!
  • ...your relationship with God!
  • ...building ministry skills that will equip you to be a spiritual leader on your team!”

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