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Travel the world while competing and serving others. Part sports camp and part mission trip, AIA Soccer gives you the chance to blend your sport and faith while experiencing another culture, all for the purpose of sharing the gospel around the world.

While every trip offers unique experiences and opportunities, all of our tours have the same basic components: several games against local teams, soccer camps and clinics to help national athletes and coaches hone their skills, as well as humanitarian aid projects and a variety of outreach opportunities. In all of these activities, you’ll be serving to accelerate the growth of the local AIA and sports ministries.

What We Do

We equip athletes to grow deeper in their faith, apply biblical principles to their sport and how to minister to their teammates.


Director: Zach Blaine and Amanda Smith
Dates: May 12-29, 2020

This team will be comprised of college players looking to grow spiritually as they play the game they love. The team will travel internationally to compete and use the platform of soccer to share the Gospel. This is a life-changing experience where you can grow in your faith, gain international playing experience, learn to integrate faith and soccer, compete against top-level teams, and build deep, long-lasting friendships with other athletes as you experience a new culture. Apply Today!

Ready to Join Us on an Opportunity?

Click the link to fill out an application and one of our staff members will get in touch with you as soon as you complete it!
To learn more and read some FAQ's about traveling with AIA, visit our FAQ Page


Youth Camps

Venue:New Jersey, USA
Date:Summer Multiple Weeks

Camps are a great way to develop your skills and prepare for the next level of competition. Our camps are designed to help you compete to your highest potential. In addition to physical training, our camps are designed to care for every aspect of the athlete’s wellbeing – physically, mentally and spiritually. We understand to be your best; you must bring everything with you when you step onto the pitch (soccer field).

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Alumni Endorsements

“An Athletes in Action soccer tour teaches you how to multiply your life using the gifts that God has given you. To be able to share the Gospel in your sport is the highest privilege for any Christian athlete! AIA helped me gain a much deeper understanding of what true biblical community should look like between teammates.”

Alex McCauley - NC State (2016 France Tour)

“Going on tour with AIA Soccer was the absolute highlight of my summer. Being surrounded by other believers and collegiate soccer players inspires you in your walk with the Lord, and it teaches you how to worship God on the soccer field.”

Camryn Wendlandt - Baylor University (2016 France Tour)

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