We've Arrived

Today was an incredible first start to our tour in Barcelona. We took off from JFK and landed in Barcelona around 730 AM. We immediately hopped on a bus and drove to our training facility where we had our first session of the tour. During the session the guys were able to get a good start by getting some quality touches and possession going to loosen up our legs. We bussed backed to our hostel where we checked in our luggage to our rooms and had a makeshift lunch of break, ham and cheese sandwiches. So far on this trip everybody has done a great job of being adaptable.

After about an hour we had to walk and take the metro back to our training facility for the second session. It took about 45 minutes to get there which was definitely a challenge considering the size of our group. Nonetheless, both teams showed a great effort and intensity at training which highlights the character of the players and staff that are on tour. Afterwards we took the metro back to the hotel and showered before grabbing dinner.

Praise God for travel mercies for both sets of flights that arrived safely in Barcelona from JFK. God was so good to provide our team with great hosts who were able to facilitate our travel to and from our training facility. Navigating our entire team through the metro was not an easy task but all our team members and equipment made it safely there and back.

Prayer requests for the remainder of the trip include our travel to and from training tomorrow as we have to travel via metro for both sessions. More importantly, we would like to pray for the remainder of our staff who is flying out to meet us later in the trip and that God would have his hand on their travels.

Grady H.


Ready For Takeoff


The 2018 Athletes in Action Soccer Tour is here and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve reached the beginning of an opportunity and an experience that has been 8 months in the making and as over 30 of us journey to New York City from all over the country today, we have expectant hearts for the awesome-ness that God is about to facilitate.

A basic schedule: Today, over the course of the afternoon, we will meet in NYC. Tomorrow evening, our flights depart for Barcelona, Spain, where the boys will be put through an intense 4-5 days of “pre-season” training, getting acclimated to our system of play and each other. From there, we will travel to Lisbon, Portugal, where we will spend the rest of our trip.

This trip is an opportunity to play great soccer, learn how our sport and our faith intersect in very practical ways and an opportunity to let God use each individual, through soccer, to advance His kingdom.

We want you to be a part of this experience. Please check back here as we will be updating this blog daily. Thank you for your generous support thus far of our players and staff, both financially and through prayer.

But keep praying!

We want our efforts and the effects of God’s hand on this trip to be maximized. Continue to pray for safe travels, a seamless itinerary and that the bonds that we already have through Christ will begin sowing deeply the second we all meet today in NYC.

Grace and Peace,

Toba Bolaji

Goalkeeper Coach/Media, AIA Soccer Tour 2018