Cinderella Story

Morning Devotional

We began the day with a devotional ran by Ashley. She discussed Mathew 13.44, where we learned the importance of giving up everything for the Lord.

Day on the field

Our next plan was to head out to the Jordi Alba Stadium which was located 20 minutes away from the hostel. It was an excellent facility that contained four small sided fields within a rejuvenated warehouse building. The staff and coaches separated us players into 4 teams of 8 within a combination of both women’s and men’s players. Before we kicked off we prayed as group and focused on the principal one, Audience of One. I was placed on team with Ashley, Stanton, Haley, Benji, Ben, Tripp, and Mariah. We started off losing the first game 3 to 0.  In game two we bounced back and won 1 to 0. In our third match we lost 3 to 0. Games thereafter were single elimination. if you lost, your night was done. We were seeded last and playing against the first seed. In the match we played hard and won the game 1 to 0.  In the final game if we won we would be rewarded free gelato.

True Result

We definitely had something to play for. But mostly for ourselves and the grace of God. We won the final 4 to 1. Being with  everyone and playing the game was very enjoyable. I am truly grateful to be here and have been growing stronger in my faith.

Hagen Hyatt

University of Arizona, Midfield