Day Two- Today Was A Grind

Praise the Lord for a great and safe trip thus far. His hand has been evident in every step we have taken. The much anticipated arrival of Toba and Ben has occurred! After sleeping over night in the Charlotte airport and thus conquering his fear of airports, Toba and Ben made it to Barcelona this morning. Unfortunately, Coach K’s flight was delayed once again. Please pray for his safe and haste arrival.

This morning started very early for this Barcelona group. A savory 7am breakfast satisfied our needs. Breakfast was followed by an excellently teaching of “Principle 1” by Ryan Matthews. Principle 1 is titled ‘Audience of One’ and asks the question, who or what do you worship?

It was then out to the pitch for the gang. A fun ride on the metro ensued created for a nutritious lunch was served shortly thereafter. Once we got back to our Hostel, Suzy taught a heartfelt session on ‘Principle 2’. The final traing session of the day took place between metro rides and was quite taxing. A short, but excellent team time then set the mood for the evening. I was taken my Stanton’s ability to be vulnerable to the group, sharing his testimony, some tough challenges he’s had to face and how God has been so faithful despite those things.

Dinner was served from a variety of restaurants including America’s own McDonald’s. The final activity of the bustling and action packed day was an insightful lecture presented by Jared wellman titled on Principle 3 titled, ‘Holy Sweat, Holy Surrender’ . We walked through methods in growing in our fellowship with the Lord.

A special thanks to all who made this wonderful opportunity possible. Hopefully God will be able to use all of the seeds planted on this trip.Thank you very much for your prayers thus far, but please keep them up. God bless you!

Asa St. Lawrence

Maranantha Baptist University