Gameday in Barcelona

Today is game-day here in Portugal. We have the opportunity to host a 3rd division team at Benfica’s facility. The day began with a little bit of much needed sleeping in. After breakfast, some guys were able to open up during team time a giant step in the right direction with their walk with the Lord. After team time we were able to split into smaller groups called discipleship groups. We talked about things going on in our lives currently and the trip thus far. After lunch we were able to help stretch the legs with some time at the mall where we were able to begin to prepare for the game this evening. Dinner was extremely fueling and after pre game strategy talks we headed to the field to play.

Kickoff was at 9:30pm but we came out and played a solid first half which ended in a 0-0 tie. The second half we conceded after a the referee refused to call an obvious offsides. The last goal was just due to lack of communication but today was a step in the right direction soccer wise. We ended the day around 12:30 eating pizza and good conversation. It’s awesome to see what the Lord has done in my own life and in the lives of others in this trip and I’m excited for the last week in Portugal.

Ya boi,

Jackson Hawthorne

University of Kentucky, Goalkeeper