Last Day in Barcelona

Our last full day in Barcelona started off with another great breakfast followed by an inspiring talk by Susie Hermes. Susie shared her story with the team and was so vulnerable with us. Her talk pushed us to seek God in all situations, even when it is so hard for us to do so. She challenged us to ask the question,”God, how are you loving me?”

Our first game did not come before an interesting bus ride where we had to squeeze as many people possible. We arrived at the field, which had an absolutely beautiful view of Barcelona. After watching an intense math between two Spanish teams, it was our time to take the field. It took a little bit of time to adapt to each other, but with the help of the coaches and with our the right attitude, we were able to play for each other and take the win with a 4-1 scoreboard. On behalf of the team, I would also like to thank the AIA women’s team for their support throughout this game.

After enjoying some pizza with the whole team, we headed back to the hotel where we would take a moment to pray for each other and for God’s will to be done on our trips.  I thank God for being able to get to know this amazing city, but most of all for these brothers and sisters that reflect God’s love and are teaching me different lessons each day.

Ignacio Ramirez

UC Irvine, Defender