AIA Softball through Competitive Edge International

Sports can open doors in a way that few other things can. Could your love of softball be the ticket to your next adventure?

Did you know, softball is being used to reach out to people across the nations!

Since 1997, Athletes in Action has partnered with Competitive Edge International (CEI) to send competitive softball teams internationally to grow, compete and serve around the world. CEI uses softball to share the hope of Jesus in places where there is typically little or no access to this good news.

CEI's Mission:  Reach the unreached through sports

CEI's Vision:  Invite the unreached to experience Life with God and equip teams to fully live out who they are in Christ

CEI's Strategy:  Partner with nationals, missionaries and churches through 2 - 4 week mission projects

Go with CEI!

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CEI Endorsements


"You won't want to miss out on this amazing experience with Competitive Edge International! Your life will be changed and God will use you to change other's lives!"

Leah O'Brien-Amico - three time Olympic Softball Gold Medalist

“When I decided to apply for the CEI trip, I thought I was going overseas to help athletes know Jesus. But nothing could have prepared me for the change the trip would actually make in my own life. I encountered God in a way I never had before and heard God say two simple words, "Dream Big." At the time I had no idea what this meant. When I returned home, I was entering my junior year in college. That year, I dedicated the entire year to God. Whatever He wanted to do in my life, I was all His for .... I wish that everyone would take the opportunity to experience a CEI team. I will forever remember my trip, it completely changed my life.”

USA National Team Player - Christi Orgeron