Breaking New Ground

Athletes in Action Sports Performance held its 30th annual fellowship at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association annual meeting in Las Vegas, NV earlier this summer. A few days later the inaugural Iron Circle Breakfast powered by Athletes in Action broke new ground in AIA’s ministry at the National High School Strength Coaches Association National Convention in Nashville, TN. Over 100 coaches and vendors attended the breakfast and 78 signed up to get more information about joining online biweekly Bible study life groups! AIA also held its 8th annual chapel at the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine annual meeting earlier this spring as an effort to serve team physicians. These events minister to hundreds of professionals and students every year through outreaches at professional meetings.

Attendees enjoying the 30th annual NATA Prayer & Fellowship time!

The Athletes in Action booth at the NHSSCA got very busy right after the Iron Circle Breakfast. Clif Marshall, Indiana University’s Men’s Basketball Director of Athletic Performance, was the featured speaker. Iron Circle powered by Athletes in Action is a vision to encourage and equip strength coaches so they can engage fruitfully with the athletes, coaches and administrators they work with. Garrett Keith, Westminster Christian Academy in Huntsville, AL and the 2019 NHSSCA National Coach of the Year gave his testimony saying, “Iron Circle fills me up and holds me accountable to God’s Word so that I can pour into my student-athletes.”

The comment cards from the Iron Circle breakfast were filled with people excited about this new ministry effort. Paul Newman, Director of AIA Sports Performance who helped to start the NATA fellowships said, “This reminds me of the joy people had when we started the NATA fellowships. We are grateful that Adam Atallah and Garrett Keith who founded Iron Circle asked AIA to partner with them in this ministry.” As a result of the breakfast, 27 Strength coaches have joined the original 10 Iron Circle members, resulting new Iron Circle groups starting in early August! These small groups use resources on The Training Table to focus on building community, prayer, and diving into God’s Word to learn how it applies to our life, family and careers.

JT Thomas, strength coach at Deland HS in Deland, FL describes Iron Circle as “a community of brothers and sisters that pour into each other so that we can be filled with God’s Word in order to effectively pour into our students, faculty and parents.” If you’re looking for community so you can pour into others, contact us at sports to find out how you can join an online Bible study group with colleagues in your field.