A Photo Gallery of New Experiences

From running the BlueTrail 20k to listening to classic flamenco guitarists in the street, this trip has been full of excitement and the beauty of God’s creation has been on full display. Through it all, I’ve learned about the ways in which God’s love is able to be shown. For me, it requires continually and consistently taking the initiative to show God’s love through my actions. God works in a myriad of ways and I’ve learned to just trust and have faith that God’s plan is in the works.

^This picture is from the BlueTrail 20k race we all participated in, which consisted of hiking up a mountain and then running back down and through the city. The experience was like non-other. The combination of the beautiful scenery with the pain of running a 20k up and then down a mountain was an experience that will be nearly impossible to match.

Not long after the BlueTrail, we all competed in a track meet at Playas de las Américas. Here we were able to showcase our athletic abilities that God blessed us with as well as be in fellowship with the athletes we were competing against.

The morning after the meet, we hiked up Montaña Roja to watch the sunset. At the summit, Jillian (Clara) led us in worship and we enjoyed God’s presence through praise and through the beauty of this earth He created.

Later in the week, as we were walking around the quaint town of La Laguna, we stopped to listen to a few street performers playing classic flamenco music. These performers are some of the best musicians I’ve heard, but because of the lack of musical opportunity in Tenerife they are usually found on street corners playing and creating an amazing atmosphere here on the streets of La Laguna.

-Micah, for the team