Meet The Ladies, Part 1

We welcome Jordyn to the Switzerland team! She runs cross country and track for UC-Berkeley, which was quite the change from Centennial, CO! She is looking forward to traveling to another country, to spread the AIA ministry and to learn from other athletes on how their athletics have been impacted by their faith.

“I am praying that the Lord will speak through me throughout the trip and allow me to share my story about how identity, purpose, and faith has influenced my life and my sport. I also am praying that the Lord will allow me to spread the knowledge I gain onto my team and campus at Cal.”

She asks that you pray for courage, openness and learning through the new experiences for her and for her to grow into a better leader of Christ.

Amy D is a senior at UW Madison and enjoys competing in her hometown. “I cannot wait to go on this trip to Switzerland because the Lord has continued to give me opportunities to reach a variety of people and also to continue to learn from fellow followers of Christ. I’m looking forward to getting to reach the community in Switzerland but also get to help high schoolers really know the true meaning of letting God be in control of all your life not part.” (She will also be serving at TUFF camp).

She’s praying the Lord flows through the team, that they are true ambassadors of Christ and that through this trip, she can form relationships. As she prepares for the trip, she asks for prayers for the hearts of the people “we try to connect to are softened towards the gospel and God allows them to have ears that hear. For all of us in fundraising that he provides us the resources we need in order to partake in this mission. Even for all of us to experience the Lord in such deeps ways we never are able to look at the word and our relationship with the Lord the same.”