Ministry in the Mountains

St Moritz, Switzerland is a mountain village sitting at 6000 feet which is relaxed and friendly, making it an ideal location for training and focusing. World Class athletes from around the world train here each year.

AIA Switzerland serves this unique group by assisting them to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually. They provide physiotherapy and massage therapy services, hosts discussions on balancing life and sport, and holds devotional groups to share insights on applying biblical truth to everyday issues.

Our team provides support for this mission by co-leading the devotions and discussions, training alongside the other athletes, bringing a physiotherapist, and seeking to begin and renew friendships.

We are looking forward to growing ourselves as we connect with athletes from around the globe.

Tim, on behalf of the team

This mission has developed over the past few years by building the reputation of Athletes in Action as a group which serves the needs of athletes well. The openness and trust of our hosts and of AIA in general has grown stronger. Conversations around the track, and village have become more numerous and more open. The participation in the discussions has increased as well over the past couple years. We are excited to see the response to the track side devotions this summer.