Day 3

Today we headed out early on the 2 hour drive to Fastiv, Ukraine for a dual match organized by the youth pastor at a local church.

The match started with a long warm-up then presentation of the teams. The church did a great job with the match, even playing Christian music before and after each match! Their were traditional singers who sang local songs as well as the Ukranian national anthem. Local dignitaries spoke, the teams were introduced, and then we started wrestling.

Our boys did well with the matches both teams winning about half the matches. The sportsmanship by both teams was fantastic. Coach Brian was interviewed by local T.V. and after the match Nate was able to share his story. Yuri passed out Bibles and our sport DVD’s and all the wrestlers quickly crowded around him to receive them.

After the match were treated by the local church to a very american meal of pizza and hamburgers. After that we went to a paintball area run by one of the wrestlers. They started cooking Shorpa (soup) and Plov (Rice dish) about 4 hours before we ate. During that time we played paintball and swam in a small lake. We have been treated so well by the people of Ukraine. Our boys are falling in love with the people and the country more and more each day. It has been fun to see our guys engaging personalities quickly break down any barriers. Everyone should be very proud of them!