Day 5 Camp

Today the teams will arrive for camp. Our team was treated to a traditional Ukrainian sauna in the morning. Some of the boys made it only 5 minutes while others enjoyed the experience off and on for about an hour and a half. Yuri used oak leaves on some of the guys as way to energize them. We had Shashylk barbecue for lunch. After lunch we headed to the local mall for some shopping, picking up snacks, and hit the Ukrainian chocolate store. Ukraine is famous for the chocolate.

When we made it back to camp our team had a Bible study on chapter 3 of the “Assist” book. The “Assist” was written by an AIA staff member at the University of Wisconsin and does a great job exploring how God loves sport and how we can use it to share his love. We also covered started our Bible Study on the Holy Spirit. We were able to be joined by a Ukrainian Junior national champion who had traveled to the US last year as part of a group hosted by AIA Wrestling. He had become a Christian just before coming last year so it was great to have him be able to part of our study! We also found out that he and the junior national team will be competing in Central Asia with our team that heads there in about 2 weeks. God is so great in how he orchestrates things.

The teams are slowly arriving and we are excited to meet them and get camp started.